progetto d'arredamento interni italia

Offices in Sicily

Among the most ambitious projects that Interni Italia by Attaguile has proudly followed was the furnishing of one of the most prestigious law firms in Southern Italy, those of the Allex company of Prof. Avv. Longo.

Elegance and sophistication have made it possible to create a welcoming environment, which encourages concentration and discussion within the team. In this case it was a question of uniting our exclusive brands, selected with extreme care, which gave the whole a noble and prestigious but at the same time comfortable character, in perfect line with the legal environment.

In the large meeting room, the lawyers sit around a large, spacious and transparent table from the Gallotti e Radice studio. Dominating this environment is also an imposing B&B Italia bookcase, which creates an even more comfortable environment.

Another pride of this project for us was furnishing the training room of Allex, a classroom where lawyers meet for their continuous training in the legal field. The flagship here was the red sofa of the Pedrali brand which combined aesthetics and functionality in a business environment.

progetto d'arredamento interni italia
Gallotti e radice
progetto d'arredamento interni italia
progetto d'arredamento interni italia
progetto d'arredamento interni italia


progetto d'arredamento interni italia

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